The Journey

LoopStop, more tha an idea.

When the idea for LoopStop struck our team, we just observing and analyzing the behaviour of everyday people. People running, riding bikes, skateboarding, commuting…. and just plain living in the world. Active and inactive. Young and old. The fashion-forward and the functional. Though radically different, they all had one thing in common: the shoelace.
More specifically the challenge the conventional knot posed to not only the functionality of the shoe, but the look of the shoe itself.

Thus began a journey for our team that led to LoopStop. While incredibly simple in appearance, there is nothing simple about the technology. Underneath the minimalist exterior, is a powerful system designed to replace what until today has yet to be replaced: the knot.

Admittedly, LoopStop is a small accessory, but we’re confident its success will be remembered as a giant step forward in an industry that’s about about steps forward.